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Application of Inorganic Ceramic Membrane Separation Technology in Vinegar Production

I. Application of inorganic ceramic membrane separation technology in vinegar production

Application of inorganic ceramic membrane separation technology in vinegar production: Inorganic ceramic membrane can replace traditional technology for clarification in the production of vinegar. Cross-flow filtration can remove black bacteria in the concentrate, clarify the liquid product, and remove bacteria. Commonly used inorganic films are alumina and zirconia. After the crude vinegar product is filtered by a 0.1 micron zirconia membrane and a 0.2 micron alumina membrane, the clarification effect is good, and the turbidity of the permeate is in the range of 0.2 to 0.8 NTU.

Inorganic ceramic membrane has the following advantages in the clarification and filtration process of vinegar:

1. After filtering by ceramic membrane equipment, there is no need for high temperature sterilization to retain the natural flavor of the product;

2. The supporting membrane components and pipe valves use sanitary stainless steel to meet the requirements of clean production;

3. The membrane element has strong chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, no leaching, and meets food safety requirements;

4. Ceramic membrane elements have good reproducibility and long service life;

5. High degree of automation.

II. Application of inorganic ceramic membrane in separation and purification of antibiotic fermentation broth

The most important thing in fermentation engineering drugs is antibiotics. Antibiotics are the most commonly used anti-infective drugs in clinical practice. They are biological, including microorganisms, plants and animals, produced during their life, and can be produced at low concentrations. Organic substances that selectively inhibit or affect other biological functions. The main process steps of the fermentation method to produce antibiotics include the preparation of strains, seed expansion, fermentation, pretreatment of fermentation broth, separation and purification of metabolites, and drying, and finally the product is prepared.

Jiuwu ceramic membrane separation technology has been used in the production of antibiotics in many companies. The ceramic membrane microfiltration technology is used to replace the plate and frame filtration in the original process for the sterilization and purification of the fermentation broth. The clarification effect is better than the plate and frame filtration. After clarification, the fermentation is carried out. The liquid storage time is prolonged and labor intensity is reduced at the same time. Antibiotics still occupies a pivotal position in the current pharmaceutical industry. Jiuwu Hi-Tech membrane separation technology can be applied to penicillin, cephalosporin, macrolide erythromycin, rifamycin, gentamicin, etc.

Jiangsu Jiuwu High-Tech Co., Ltd. used nanofiltration technology to increase the antibiotic potency to more than 20,000 U for a 500m3/h antibiotic resin analysis solution in an enterprise in Xinjiang. The nanofiltration product water potency is close to 0 and the conductivity is low. The ceramic membrane or organic membrane process is reused; and compared with the traditional process, for the enrichment of antibiotics in this step, the yield has increased by more than 4%, and the cost has also been reduced by 5 to 10 times (the cost of steam is different due to the difference in operating costs ), the dual goals of energy saving and consumption reduction and high-efficiency extraction of products have been truly achieved.

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