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Ceramic Membrane Machine Lab & Pilot

In ceramic membrane machine lab, the membrane area of CMP pilot machine includeds the following types:
0.1 m², 0.2 m², 0.5 m², 1 m², 2 m², 3 m², 4.5, 5, 6, 6.5, 8, 9

Ceramic Membrane Machine Lab & Pilot
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  • Due to higher membrane velocity, reduce the accumulation of pollutants in the membrane surface, increase membrane flux.
  • Good chemical stability, strong acid, alkali, organic solvents resistance.
  • Cleaning is simple and can be washed in reverse, easy to regenerate.
  • High separation efficiency, the separation process is simple.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Anti-microbial ability does not work with microorganisms.


CMP pilot machine is particularly suitable for scientific research institutes, universities, manufacturers, is the most effective helper for research and production personnel, and can solve the problems that old crafts and old equipment cannot solve and can be widely applied in the experimental research of extraction, cleaning and impurity treatment in pharmaceutical and Bioengineering, food and beverage, chemical industry, environmental protection and so on.

And we can be customized according to customer needs. Through this series of CMP pilot machine, the influence curves of important process parameters and corresponding cleaning schemes on membrane flux and membrane performance can be obtained, and the test data is true and reliable. According to the test results, the pilot and industrial production are completely reliable, because the amplification of the process is completely physical amplification, the process is mature, the technology is advanced, and the successful engineering case is very rich!

The series CMP pilot machine is made of hygienic grade and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which will not cause secondary pollution to the treated materials; the obtained products have high quality and good long-term storage stability; the core ceramic membrane element has good regeneration performance and long service life. CMP pilot machine has a  high degree of integration; small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, low operating costs.

CMP pilot machine includes :
  • Separation system,
  • Backwash system,
  • Discharge system,
  • Control system
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