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Why Is UF Membrane Technology Applied to the Treatment of Paint Wastewater?

With the continuous progress and development of society, the people's standard of living has also made a qualitative leap. The development of industries such as magazines and books has also attracted more and more attention. As the production of coated paper used for printing magazines and books, the production of coated paper has received more and more attention, and the continuous printing of magazines and books has also led to an annual increase in the production of coated paper.

Uf membrane technology for treating coating wastewater

A large amount of coating wastewater will be generated during the production of coated paper, which will not only bring huge pressure to wastewater treatment, but also cause significant ecological pollution. In order to better solve this problem, the industry in China currently mostly uses the ultrafiltration membrane in membrane technology to treat coating wastewater.

It is understood that in the traditional coating wastewater treatment process, normal operation is not a problem, but once there are operational problems, it will cause many drawbacks, which will have a certain impact on the wastewater system and also bring great environmental risks. Therefore, people started to use membrane technology for treatment to avoid the recurrence of pollution.

Treatment with ultrafiltration membrane technology

Uf membrane technology uses ultra-fine filter membranes with selective permeability to separate wastewater. Under the pressure difference, the solvent and small solute particles in the raw material solution can pass through the membrane from the high pressure side of the liquid material to the low-pressure side, forming a liquid commonly known as the filtrate or permeate, with the large particle components being trapped by the membrane, increasing the concentration in the remaining liquid, and achieving the purpose of purification, separation, and concentration of the solution.

Ultrafiltration membrane technology can effectively treat solid suspended matter in coating wastewater, greatly reducing the discharge of water-based coating waste residue. Therefore, ultrafiltration membrane technology can be widely used in the coated paper industry. Moreover, by using uf membrane technology to treat coating wastewater, the purpose of recycling coating can also be achieved, and the overall process can achieve clean production. By recycling the solid pigments in the coating wastewater generated during the production of coated paper, the discharge of coating waste can be greatly reduced, and the environmental pollution caused by production can be reduced.

In summary, the application of uf membrane technology in coating wastewater treatment can be described as "kill two birds with one stone".

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