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Sand Filtration System

Shallow medium filter is a kind of high- efficiency filtration equipment that uses the filter medium to remove all kinds of suspended matters, microorganisms and other fine particles in the water and finally reduce the turbidity of the water and purify the water quality. The filter medium is commonly used quartz sand, activated carbon, anthracite, manganese sand.

Sand Filtration System
  • Sand filtration filter
  • Sand filtration filter


Shallow medium filter uses silica sand asits filter medium. Under a certain pressure, the muddy water come through the granular or nongranular silica sand, which can efficiently hold back suspended solids, organisms, colloidal solids, micro-lives, chlorine, odour and heavy metal ions, etc.


  • Mainly used for pretreatment of turbidity removal, demineralized water, electrodialysis, and reverse osmosis and surface water, groundwater treatment which can effectively remove suspended solids, organic matter, colloid, sediment and so on.
  • Widely applied in electronic power, petrochemical, metallurgy, electroplating, papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical dialysis, food and beverage, drinking water, swimming pool and so on.
  • Meet the needs of liquid filtration in all industries.
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