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What's the Application of Ultrafiltration?

1. Structure of ceramic ultrafiltration membrane

The ceramic ultrafiltration membrane has excellent chemical corrosion resistance. It is suitable for operation in the pH environment of 0 ~ 14 and resistant to oxidation. It can be cleaned and regenerated with strong oxidants, such as high nacio content. The ceramic membrane made of -a1o2/zro2 used in this project is made of raw materials. The pore diameter of the membrane is less than 50 mm. The membrane tube is composed of support, transition layer and membrane layer. The support is made of imported high-purity a-a1o2 through high-temperature sintering, and the transition layer is made of ZrO2 developed by Nanjing University of technology through high-temperature sintering. The film layer is made of modified zo2 material coated on the surface of the transition layer through high-temperature sintering.


2. Ceramic membrane filtration process

The operation mode of the ceramic ultrafiltration membrane system is cross flow circulating filtration to avoid the continuous deposition of solid particles and other impurities in the sewage in the system on the membrane surface, and the concentrated solution with a mass fraction of 1% ~ 2% is returned to the pre-treatment or concentrated solution collection pool. During long-term operation, it is inevitable that some pollutants will be adsorbed on the membrane surface. After the membrane is polluted, the flux will be recovered through cleaning, which is mainly divided into three parts: alkali cleaning, acid cleaning and rinsing. The acid and alkali used for cleaning only circulate inside the ceramic membrane system and will not affect the pipeline equipment outside the system.


3. Application of ceramic membrane

Secondary brine filtration, alkali liquor desalination filtration, decarbonization liquor filtration, dicyandiamide liquid fine filtration, nitric acid and sulfuric acid filtration, terminal solution fine filtration and purification, and raw liquid fine filtration (acid, alkali, alcohol, ketone water, etc.). Filtration and clarification of pharmaceutical and biochemical liquids, decolorization, and filtration of activated carbon, filtration of catalysts (palladium carbon, nickel, etc.), steam filtration. Various domestic and process water treatment, industrial wastewater purification (coking water, turbid circulating water, etc.) are applicable to the treatment of oily wastewater in production and industry, industrial water treatment, industrial circulating cooling water purification, high-purity process water purification in the water treatment industry, production water treatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, electrolysis, pre filtration before ion exchange resin, reclaimed water reuse treatment, filtration of equipment freezing and cooling circulating water, industrial wastewater filtration Purification, precise filtration of river water, well water, lake water, etc. Clarification, concentration and sterilization of alcohol, fruit juice and beverage, and clarification, concentration and sterilization of various food flavoring agents.

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