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Understanding the Benefits of UF Membrane Technology

How does UF membrane work? This is a question that many consumers are concerned about when it comes to the working principle of UF membrane technology, which has strong water treatment capabilities. So how does it work? And what are the advantages of UF membrane technology?

Understanding UF membrane

UF technology is a high-tech innovation widely used in water purification, solution separation and concentration, as well as the extraction of useful substances from wastewater and the purification and reuse of wastewater. UF is a technology of simultaneously concentrating and separating large molecules or colloidal substances. Driven by pressure difference, when liquid flows over the surface of an UF membrane, large molecules or colloidal substances are intercepted, and small molecules and pure water pass through the membrane. The characteristics of UF technology are simple operation, no heating required, energy saving, low-pressure operation, and small equipment footprint. Currently, mainstream UF membrane products on the market have good filtration effect, large water production capacity, and most importantly, long service life, eliminating the need for frequent filter cartridge replacements, thus reducing consumption. Generally speaking, the service life of a good UF membrane can be more than 3 years.

In terms of filtration mode, UF membranes can be divided into two types: internal pressure and external pressure. Pollutants intercepted by an internal pressure UF membrane are inside the UF membrane tube and can be completely washed away by direct flushing water flow. However, pollutants of an external pressure UF membrane exist between the membrane tubes and cannot be completely washed clean over time, eventually leading to obstruction. Therefore, relatively speaking, the service life of an internal pressure UF membrane is longer.

Advantages of UF membrane technology

UF membrane technology is a water treatment technology that can effectively filter suspended waste, gelatinous substances, algae, pathogens and other aquatic viruses to achieve water separation and purification.

  • UF membrane technology uses a filtering membrane to filter specific impurities, mainly relying on physical action.

  • Compared with traditional filtering membranes, UF membrane technology uses more advanced and reliable filtering membranes, which effectively improves the wastewater treatment effect, and most importantly, filters impurities that traditional filtering membranes cannot filter.

  • Currently, most UF membrane technologies use multi-layer filtering membranes for filtration, significantly improving the efficiency and quality of wastewater treatment, while also improving the scientific and reliable filtration of UF membranes.

  • UF membrane technology has strong acid and alkali resistance, which can effectively purify highly acidic and alkaline wastewater, maintain high durability, and reduce the cost of use, thus improving enterprise efficiency.

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