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What Should Be Noted When Discontinuing Use of Ultrafiltration Membranes?

Understanding Ultrafiltration Membrane

Ultrafiltration membrane is a semi-permeable membrane made of various high molecular materials such as cellulose acetate, cellulose acetate ester, polyethylene, polysulfone, polyamide and aromatic polymer, which can separate high molecular weight colloids or suspended particles of a certain size from the solution during ultrafiltration process.

Precautions for Stopping and Storing Ultrafiltration Membrane

Ultrafiltration membrane is a fine water treatment consumable. Relevant precautions for storage and stopping must be taken during daily use, such as storage precautions for unopened use, as well as precautions for stopping and storing. In use of uf membrane, it may be necessary to stop using it due to certain reasons. At this time, protection measures must also be taken; otherwise, the performance of uf membrane will be affected. Generally, it is divided into short-term storage and long-term storage. Short-term storage refers to stopping use no more than 10 days, and long-term storage refers to stopping use for more than 10 days. The storage methods for these two situations are as follows.

Short-term storage: Before stopping the use, the ultrafiltration membrane should be sterilized and backwashed once, and then pure water should be injected into the membrane element. After that, the inlet valve, outlet valve and regulating valve of the uf membrane should be closed to achieve sealing and sterilization effects, effectively preventing the membrane element from being contaminated by impurities such as bacteria, organic matter, and microorganisms.

Long-term storage: The ultrafiltration membrane should also be disinfected and backwashed before stopping the use. The difference is that after cleaning, a protection solution (usually made up of water: glycerin: sodium bisulfite = 79:20:1) should be injected, and then sealed for storage.

During storage, if it is necessary to move the ultrafiltration membrane, it should be handled gently to avoid collision with other objects, so as not to damage the outer shell and membrane of uf membrane. Generally, manufacturers will add protection solution in the packaging and the temperature should be kept between 5 and 40°C during storage. In general, storage for less than 6 months is not a problem.

Above are the relevant precautions for routine storage and stopping. In the process of applying ultrafiltration membrane, users should pay more attention to regular cleaning of the membrane to stabilize the performance of uf membrane technology. If the performance of ultrafiltration membrane cannot be restored after cleaning by chemical or physical means, it means that the service life of the ultrafiltration membrane has been exhausted and new membrane elements need to be replaced in time.

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