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Characteristics and Applications of UF Membrane Technology

UF membrane technology is a water treatment technology that can effectively filter suspended solids, colloids, algae, pathogens, and other aquatic viruses, thus achieving the purpose of water separation and purification. Compared with other traditional environmental protection engineering water treatment technologies, UF membrane technology has the advantages of low equipment cost, low energy consumption, and more convenient aquatic biomass recovery, and has been widely used in various water purification processes.

Characteristics of UF membrane technology

UF membrane technology is a membrane filtration, separation and concentration technology. Under pressure, small molecular weight solutes and solvents in the solution can pass through the micropores on the UF membrane, while large molecular weight solutes, impurities, algae, and viruses will be retained on the other side of the membrane.

UF membrane technology has a higher cleaning efficiency than other water treatment processes, and has obvious advantages in overall processing effect and quality. In the application of environmental protection engineering water treatment, it can further reduce the use of chemical reagents in water treatment, while effectively preventing various secondary pollution caused by water treatment.

The operation of UF membrane technology for water treatment is relatively simple, with only two control states of opening and pause. During operation, it has good acid-base and chemical stability, and has good application adaptability in various industries and application scenarios for water treatment. UF membrane technology can work steadily within a certain pH range, but the purification effect in strong acid and strong alkaline solutions is generally not ideal.

Application of UF membrane technology

Compared with other environmental protection engineering water treatment technologies, UF membrane technology has higher processing accuracy and can effectively filter out more than 99.99% of bacteria and other harmful substances in colloidal substances. It can meet the requirements of various applications with very high purification levels. Currently, the application effects in drinking water treatment, paper wastewater treatment, and oil-containing treatment are relatively ideal.

In recent years, water resource waste and pollution have become more serious. Various water pollutions such as worms, algae, heavy metals, chemical pollution, and aquatic organisms have seriously threatened the safety of drinking and industrial water for the masses. The application of UF membrane technology in drinking water purification can effectively remove algae, worms, microorganisms, pathogens, organic pollutants, and meet processing standards; when used for paper industry wastewater treatment, it can ensure that the sewage meets the discharge standards, while recovering more remaining products and reuse materials, and effectively removing harmful substances in the pre-concentrated liquor; when used for oil-containing wastewater treatment, it can separate emulsified oil-containing wastewater that cannot be separated by traditional methods, and separate water and organic substances in water.

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