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Organic Membrane Machine Lab & Pilot

In order to meet the scientific requirements of scientific research institutes and enterprises in the early research and development of feed liquid amplification, and we specially design and develop small & pilot machine, which can easily avoid many uncertain factors in the transformation process.

Organic Membrane Machine Lab & Pilot
  • OMP pilot machine
  • OMP pilot machine

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OMP pilot machine includes ultrafiltration(UF), nanofiltration(NF) and reverse osmosis (RO)pilot machine.

Function and application range:

OMS pilot machine can select different kinds of membrane components with different MWCO according to different technical requirements.

OMS pilot machine is suitable for deep processing of food, beverage, plant , bio-pharma, health products, agricultural products processing, water (sea) products deep processing, biological fermentation, fine chemicals, water treatment, environmental protection and other areas of material extraction, separation, purification and concentration. For example, OMS pilot machine has good performance in palm oil wastewater and oily water filtration system. It can also be used for organic acid fermentation

Unlike multifunctional membrane machine, this series of membrane equipment is most suitable for customers with a single processing purpose (such as separation, purification, concentration, etc.). If a set of machine is required to have multiple functions, we recommend multifunctional membrane machine.


  • Simple &convenient operation and maintenance
  • UF,NF&RO can be integrated and operated by a switching valve
  • Imported core membrane elements
  • Long-term high permeation flux
  • Stable rejection performance
  • high separation and purification efficiency
  • Small footprint
  • Lower operating cost
  • Minimum dead volume


  • Operating pressure: 0.2-2.5Mpa;
  • Voltage: 380V, 220V;
  • Equipment material: SUS304, SUS316L;
  • Filtration precision: 30KD, 20KD, 10KD, 8000D, 5000D, 3000D, 2000D, 1000D, NF, RO;
  • Temperature <45 ℃ (special models can be customized with high temperature membrane elements, temperature level <90 ℃), PH value: 2-12;
  • Dimensions: According to the site conditions.

According to different membrane types and technical parameters, the series of small, pilot machine has a variety of specifications and models.

Based on different customers, different technical requirements, different throughput requirements, we design the best pilot membrane system for you, so that you can carry out the experiment and research and development of new products.

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