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JIUWU Industrial Wastewater Cases

JIUWU Industrial Wastewater Cases

There are many types of industrial wastewater and complex components. The wastewater often contains a variety of toxic substances, which not only pollutes the environment, but also has great harm to human health. Therefore, it is necessary to develop comprehensive utilization and transform the hazards into favorable factors. And according to the composition and concentration of the pollutants in the wastewater, the corresponding purification measures can be taken for disposal before it can be discharged. Jiuwu Hi-tech's business in the field of industrial wastewater treatment includes the steel industry, power industry, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, printing and dyeing industry, etc. We can provide users with services such as pretreatment systems, biochemical treatment systems, advanced treatment systems, reclaimed water reuse systems, and zero discharge systems.

Ⅰ. Pulp and paper industry wastewater treatment

Water reuse and zero discharge project about pulping biochemical tailwater of Nantong paper.

Introduction to Project: This project is the first in the country and uses independent core technology. The process adopts multiple process modules of "homogenization pool + air flotation + mechanical stirring clarification + ozone/BAC + sand filtration + ultrafiltration + multi-stage reverse osmosis system + electrodialysis + MNR", successfully turning waste into treasure and realizing all waste water reuse . The project has formed a major conceptual breakthrough and technological innovation in the field of pulp and paper industry wastewater treatment, and has far-reaching significance for coal chemical, fine chemical, biochemical, mining and water related industries and fields. This project won the "Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award".

The effluent quality after treatment by paper industry wastewater resource recycling process package of Jiangsu JIUWU Hi-tech Co., Ltd







Ca2+ (mg/L)


Conductivity (us/cm)


Mg2+ (mg/L)


coD (mg/L)


Turbidity (NTU)


Total hardness CaCO3 (mg/L)


Solid content (Ss,mg/L)


Ⅱ. The project of ndustrial wastewater treatment of a nonferrous metal company in Inner Mongolia, China

Using this unique and advanced industrial wastewater treatmenttechnology, zero discharge of wastewater was achieved in this project.

Project introduction: The process of this project adopts the route of "pretreatment + double membrane concentration (ultra-filtration + reverse osmosis) + ED + MVR", and the final system reuse rate exceeds 99%. This greatly eases the company's environmental protection pressure, and the reuse of water also greatly reduces the company's daily water pressure, which is in line with the development of circular economy. While solving environmental pollution, the recycling of wastewater is realized.

Project location: Inner Mongolia, China; processing capacity: 3000t/d; technology used: pretreatment + double membrane concentration + ED + MVR; influent water quality: metallurgical wastewater; effluent water quality: water reuse; operating status: good condition.

Ⅲ. Application of dyeing wastewater treatment technologies in a project in Nantong

Project Introduction: The process adopts "homogenization pool + ozone + activated carbon (fluidized bed) + ultra-filtration + reverse osmosis". The raw water is pretreated by the secondary sedimentation tank, and then further removed by the self-cleaning filter to remove the smaller suspended particles in the water (pretreatment crushed activated carbon). This ensures the stable and efficient operation of the subsequent ultra-filtration system. Then the wastewater enters the ultra-filtration system to remove the remaining suspended solids and colloids in the water to ensure that the effluent meets the requirements of reverse osmosis. Finally, after passing through the security filter, the high-pressure water is pumped to the reverse osmosis device.

With dyeing wastewater treatment technologies, the sewage will be treated in a short time and get a great effect.

Project Location Processing Capacity Technology used Influent Water Quality Effluent Water Quality Operating Status
Nantong, Jiangsu Province 6000t/d homogenization pool + ozone + activated carbon + ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis printing and dyeing wastewater reclaimed water reuse normal operation

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