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Is Ceramic Membrane The Cross-Flow Filtration?

Is Ceramic Membrane The Cross-Flow Filtration?

Yes, it is. Ceramic membrane is a kind of Cross-flow filtration which is a continuous process in which the feed stream moves parallel to the membrane filtration surface and purified liquid passes through the membrane. The separation is driven by the pressure difference from on side of the membrane to the other -- referred to as transmembrane pressure.

The parallel flow of the feed stream, combined with the boundary layer turbulence created by the cross-flow velocity, continually sweeps away particles and other substances that would otherwise build up on the membrane surface. As a result, cross-flow filters inherently maintain high permeate rates longer than conventional dead-end filters.

Cross-flow filtration streams are divided into three parts:
  • Feed - solution that enters the filtration channels
  • Permeate - solution that passes through the membrane
  • Retentate - solution retained by the membrane

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