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Application of RO Membrane Technology

Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane technology is an artificial semi-permeable membrane that simulates biological semi-permeable membrane and has certain characteristics. It now plays an important role in fields such as seawater desalination, industrial pure water, electronic ultrapure water, reclaimed water reuse, biopharmaceuticals, and food industry for separation and concentration.

Application of RO membrane technology in seawater desalination

As water resources become increasingly scarce, the application of RO membrane technology has become a powerful tool in the field of seawater desalination. RO membrane technology refers to the use of special membrane materials to apply pressure to seawater, allowing seawater to pass through the membrane while retaining the salt in seawater to obtain fresh water. The use of RO membrane technology for seawater desalination has many advantages, including a wide range of applications, moderate scale of desalination, and short project construction time. RO membrane has high flux and output, and can effectively remove harmful components such as inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matter, bacteria, and viruses from seawater to produce high-quality water that meets national standards for drinking water.

Application of RO membrane technology in pharmaceutical water production

RO membrane technology is used in the pharmaceutical industry to further treatment of pre-treated raw water, effectively retaining impurities such as ions and bacteria that cannot be removed by pre-treatment on the concentrated water side, to obtain the required product water. At the same time, it provides effective assurance for the subsequent EDI deep processing and reduces the fluctuation of production water parameters. The RO membrane technology process is a pure physical process that operates at room temperature without chemical reactions. It is designed with online regeneration, cleaning, and sewage discharge devices to reduce labor intensity and production costs and improve production efficiency. In addition, the RO membrane element has a large filling area and a small system footprint, making it easy for technology improvement, expansion, or new projects and effectively reducing production and investment costs.

Application of RO membrane technology in beverage water production

Water is a necessary substance for the human body and the basic raw material for beverage products. Water treatment is the process of changing the composition of water quality, and membrane separation technology occupies an important position in the field of water treatment with its unique advantages. RO membrane technology utilizes the ability of water molecules in raw water to pass through the separation membrane while solutes or other impurities cannot pass through the separation membrane. Under external force, water is separated, purified and concentrated to improve water quality. RO membrane technology is a desalination spiral composite membrane with a pore size range of ≤1nm. It is suitable for the purification of water under low-pressure operations and can remove various metal ions, bacteria, heat sources, and radioactive pollutants from the water, with a desalination rate of up to 99.8% to meet the water demand of the beverage industry.

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