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Soy sauce being eight kinds of amino acid and trace elements is an essential component of human nutrition and health. Due to the application of traditional technique, the long existing problem of secondary sediment of soy sauce which has caused poor appearance, especially finished goods soy sauce on the shelves needs to be solved.

Ceramic membrane separation technology had been extensively used in food and fermentation fields. For example, it is used in the production of apple cider vinegar. This technology used as a substitute for heating, removing thallium and turbidity. It can remove heat-resistant bacteria; keep soy sauce from perishing based on retaining original flavor and save the previous process of diatomite filtration. It also can discolor in order to make from white soy sauce to meet people’s requirements. Heat and oxygen stability of soy sauce after discoloring are been notably improved while containing Fe, Mn and Zn will reduce.

Ceramic membrane is used for clarifying soy sauce. The raw soy sauce is cooked, large particles are removed by sedimentation, and the supernatant filtered through the ceramic membrane. Ceramic membrane filtration does not alter the general composition of soy sauce, but significantly reduces turbidity and count of aerobic microorganisms in the product.

soy sauce

soy sauce

Advantages :

  • High resistance to temperature and pressure
  • High stability to organic media
  • Corrosion & abrasion resistance
  • Intensive to bacterial action
  • Remove any of various microorganisms, pathogenic species macromolecular deposited substance and gel
  • Keep main compositions like amino nitrogen, reducing sugar, fragment, pigment
  • Be repeatedly sterilized by steam or oxidant
  • Remove macromolecular protein to do away with the phenomenon of secondary sediment of soy sauce
  • No need diatomite, environment-friendly, greener
  • CIP and regenerate conveniently and quickly
  • Long and reliable lifetime

soy sauce


The beneficial action of vinegar (white, rosé and red) on the human body has long been known, right since it was used not only as a food but also for medicinal and anti-contamination purposes. In recent years some medical researchers have highlighted the importance of vinegar in the diet, in that it favors the stabilization of certain nutritional components in food.

Vinegar is made from the oxidation of ethanol in wine, cider, fermented fruit juices and/or other liquids containing alcohol.

Filtration is essential to clarify vinegar in view of present production method, micron and submicron suspended particles come into being and polymerize after treating some vinegar with traditional filter way.

Inorganic ceramic membrane filtration technology based on the principle of physical separation display the obvious specialty. Ceramic membranes and their application in filtering and separating china-style vinegar have the advantages over the polymeric membrane and other traditional filters.

Table vinegar passes through the membrane filtration surface; permeate composed of organic acid and matters to form vinegar and ester fragrance in the table vinegar flows through the membrane tangentially, the retentate, micron, and submicron suspended particles, macromolecular protein, and microorganism moves through the membrane. The separation is driven by the pressure difference from one side of the membrane to the other –referred to as transmembrane pressure. A filtration cycle can’t end until the retentate comes up to a certain concentration. Ceramic membrane separation installation is ideally suited to CIP pressure back pulsing in order to keep a stable membrane flux.



  • Obtaining a clear filtrate, improving transparency clarity
  • The turbidity of permeate is the range of 0.2~0.5NTU
  • No discharge of filter aids
  • To prevent from the secondary precipitate
  • To keep original saline matter, amino acid, total acidity, reducing sugar and other effective ingredients
  • To remove bacteria, macromolecular organically matter, suspended solids and some poisonous matters
  • To get a bright tint, a sterling fragrance, have no change of non-volatile acid and soluble non-salt solids content
  • To substitute the raw vinegar to all the traditional clarification operations (collage, decantation, diatoms filtration, plates, and polymer membranes)
  • The chain and technologic time are so considerably shorten
  • Low operation cost, compact, maintain conveniently


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