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High packing density membrane module

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High packing density membrane module

Introduction of High-packed Column Ceramic Membrane

Jiuwu high-packed columnar ceramic membrane is an inorganic ultrafiltration membrane for water treatment developed on the basis of Jiuwu's traditional tubular ceramic membrane and flat ceramic membrane. The high-packed columnar ceramic membrane is made of high-strength a-Al2O3 and fired at high temperature. It has good high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and excellent mechanical strength. Compared with the traditional multi-channel tubular ceramic membrane, the filtration area of a single membrane tube with a high-packed column ceramic membrane can reach 10-25 square meters, with greater packing density and processing capacity, which can effectively remove suspended solids, bacteria and colloids, etc. It can be used in many fields such as civil safe water, municipal water supply and wastewater treatment, emergency water supply, water reuse, industrial process wastewater, etc.

  • The support body is made of inorganic ceramic material, which is durable and has a long service life
  • The single-membrane column has large area, high packing density, high flux and high water production
  • Better chemical resistance, wide range of chemical cleaning conditions
  • The channel of membrane element is 2~4nm, with stronger SS tolerance and stronger backwash effect
  • Adopting a proprietary flow channel design, the water in and out of the water channel is well distributed, and the operating efficiency is improved
  • High mechanical strength, high pressure filtration and backwashing
  • Influent water quality requirements are low, resistance to influent water quality fluctuations
  • The pore size distribution of the membrane layer is narrow, and it is a multi-layer structure, which is more anti-pollution and easy to clean
Membrane model HCCM-12-50 HCCM-15-50 HCCM-20-50 HCCM-23-50 HCCM-25-50
product specification membrane area(m2 ) 12 15 20 23 25
membrane size(mm) Φ205*1650 Φ205*1750 Φ250*1750 Φ250*1850 Φ250*1950
In and out interface size DN40, DN65
membrane flux(m3/h) 1-3 1.2-3.8 1.6-5 1.8-5.8 2-6.3
pore size (mm) 10-100
channel diameter(mm) 2-4
product description membrane material a-Al2O3、 ZrO2
sealing form and material Sealing ring or rubber fling, fluororubber, EPDM, perfluoroether rubber or epoxy resin, etc
membrane module material UPVC SS GFRP
filter form internal pressure type, dead end filtration, micro cross-flow filtration
preservation dry preservation
applicable conditions PH 2-12 when running, 1-13 when chemical cleaning
temperature(℃) 5-45
Inlet or backwash pressure(Mpa) less than or equal to 0.5
maximum transmembrane pressure difference(Mpa) 0.2
inflow conditions inlet water shall not contain hydrofluoric acid
cleaning method BW CEB CIP

Typical membrane module parameters

Specification of membrane module L1(mm) L2(mm) D1(mm) D2(mm) D3(mm)
HCCM-12-50 1650 1200 205 85 59.5
HCCM-15-50 1850 1275 205 95 59.5
HCCM-25-50 1950 1275 250 105 59.5

High-packed column ceramic membrane system

Basic function
System fltration, system circulation, system rinsing, online backwashing, multi-mode cleaning (BW/CEB/CIP), interlocking automatic control, etc

1. The system is simple, the material is controllable, and the overall system cost is low
2. The system is easy to install, flexible to operate, automatic control, and saves labor costs
3. High filtration accuracy, no broken wire, stable water quality, meeting process requirements
4. Standardized modular design, simple process design and easy implementation
5. Filtration form is dead end filtration or micro cross flow filtration, low energy consumption
6. Small footprint, save land, reduce land cost

Municipal sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, water supply treatment, RO/NF pretreatment

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