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Development Prospects of Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology in High-Salinity Mine Water Treatment

Understanding Ultrafiltration membraneTechnology

Ultrafiltration membrane technology is a membrane separation technology that lies between microfiltration and nanofiltration. It has an average pore size of 3 to 100 nanometers and can purify, separate, and concentrate solutions. Its interception mechanism mainly includes membrane screening and electrostatic action. The filtration medium is ultrafiltration membrane. Under the driving force of the pressure difference on both sides, only low molecular weight solutes and water can pass through the ultrafiltration membrane, so as to achieve the purpose of purification, separation and concentration. Ultrafiltration has the characteristics of simple equipment, small footprint, unchanged phase, low operating pressure, low material requirements, simple equipment, etc. Its application scope has rapidly extended from the research field to practical applications such as electronics, medicine, electrophoretic paint, beverage, food, chemical industry, medical treatment, and wastewater treatment and recycling.

Development of Ultrafiltration Membrane Technology in High Salinity Mine Water Treatment

Mine wastewater usually refers to all the water infiltrating into the underground mining space in the process of coal or other ore mining. Mine water has a large amount of water, high suspended solids content, low organic matter content, and high salinity content. Direct discharge into the environment will cause serious environmental pollution. Local standards have been issued in many places, requiring desalination treatment of wastewater before discharge. Therefore, the treatment of mine water is an important issue.

At present, coagulation and sedimentation method is mostly used for mine wastewater treatment, which aggregates suspended solids into large molecular floc by adding flocculants, and then separates and removes them by sedimentation. This method, except for the excessive salinity, meets the standards for other water quality indicators of the "Emission Standard of Pollutants for Coal Industry". Desalination of mine water has become a top priority.

Ultrafiltration membrane technology has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, and easy operation, and has a smaller environmental pollution. Uf membrane technology is an effective one in wastewater treatment. When desalinating wastewater, ultrafiltration membrane treatment is performed before reverse osmosis to have crucial effects on membrane flux, cleaning cycle, operating costs, and others.

Reasonable use of uf membrane technology can effectively improve the efficiency of salt mine water treatment, and  uf membrane separation technology has high chemical stability and high resistance to acid, alkali, and oxidation compared to traditional filtration methods. It also has many advantages such as long service life, high processing efficiency, and easy cleaning. It has broad prospects for development in the high-salt mine water treatment industry.

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