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Treating Waste as a Resource by Ceramic Membrane Filtration

Treating Waste as a Resource by Ceramic Membrane Filtration

Jiuwu Hi-Tech, as an advocate of resource recycling, treats and recycles waste acid, waste alkali, waste salt, and waste oil in the industrial process. We have developed a multi-membrane integration technology, which has no secondary pollution, truly "no smoke", "no noise", "no odor", and low energy consumption. The production is completed under normal temperature and pressure of the equipment, energy consumption is reduced by 70%, and the recycling of waste resources is realized.

Ⅰ. Membrane filtration technology

Here is a waste emulsion treatment project in Taizhou, Zhejiang, which used membrane filtration technology to realize sewage treatment.

Project introduction: This project has realized the centralized disposal and comprehensive recycling of waste emulsion, and the annual waste emulsion treatment capacity is 15,000 tons. The integrated process of pretreatment + ceramic membrane separation + biochemistry is adopted. We have three key technologies. One is the independent research and development of ceramic membrane ultra-filtration technology. This technology can demulsify the waste emulsion through a pure physical process under the condition of normal temperature and pressure without adding any medicament, and realize the separation of oil and water. The second is the integrated process of biochemical and advanced oxidation advanced treatment. This technology uses ceramic membrane wastewater to reach the first-level emission standards through effective biochemical and advanced oxidation technologies, which can be directly discharged or reused, reducing COD emissions by more than 80% compared with traditional processes. The third is the recycling technology of waste emulsified oil. After the waste emulsion is separated from water and oil, the petrochemical refining process is used to regenerate the waste oil as the base oil, and the adsorbent can be recycled after regeneration, avoiding secondary pollution, reducing 90% of hazardous waste compared with traditional technology, and truly achieving a circular economy.

Project Location Technology used Influent Water Quality Effluent Water Quality Economic Benefits
Taizhou, Zhejiang pretreatment + ceramic membrane + biochemical waste emulsion first level discharge standard/reuse recycling of waste emulsified oil

Ⅱ. The ceramic membrane filtration in Alkali recovery project of a printing and dyeing factory in Nantong

Project introduction: According to the characteristics of high caustic soda concentration and high COD in desizing wastewater, Jiuwu Hi-Tech adopts the process of "rough filtration + membrane concentration" in the overall process. The coarse filter intercepts the large particles in the incoming water, and the ceramic membrane system concentrates the desizing wastewater and intercepts most of the PVA slurry. Most of the caustic soda and some additives can pass through the ceramic membrane together with the clear liquid. The clear liquid of the ceramic membrane system is stored in the clear liquid storage tank, and used for processes such as volume reduction through an external pump to form alkali recovery. As you can see, the ceramic membrane filtration plays a key role in the sewage treatment. The reuse rate of water and caustic soda in this process system exceeds 90%. After neutralization and pretreatment, the remaining low-grade alkali enters the sewage treatment station for treatment, realizing the recycling of waste resources.

Project location: Nantong, Jiangsu; processing scale: 70 tons/day; process used: coarse filtration + ceramic membrane system; influent water quality: desizing wastewater; recovery rate of spent alkali: 90%.

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