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Application of UF Membrane Technology in Wastewater Treatment

1. Application of UF membrane technology in papermaking wastewater treatment

The paper industry has always been a heavy polluting industry, and due to the complex papermaking process, the composition of the papermaking wastewater is very complex, so the water treatment is very difficult. Once the treatment is not in place, it will cause serious pollution and threaten the ecological balance and people's health. In the traditional treatment technology, it is difficult to achieve effective sewage treatment, and the treatment results are difficult to achieve satisfactory results. However, the emergence of UF membrane technology has brought great hope to the wastewater treatment in the paper industry. Through the use of this technology, lignin and slurry contained in wastewater can be completely separated.

There are some differences between this technology and the traditional wastewater treatment technology. After the UF membrane filtration is completed, the filtrate is concentrated again. In this way, the lignin and slurry filtered out above can be collected again, which can greatly improve the utilization rate. On the other hand, the use of UF membrane technology can directly remove harmful substances in wastewater. The use of UF membrane technology not only increases the treatment effect of papermaking wastewater, but also greatly improves the treatment efficiency and the utilization rate of resources. Therefore, UF membrane technology is the most suitable in the treatment of papermaking wastewater.

2. Application of UF membrane technology in food industry sewage treatment

In the process of food industrial production, a large amount of industrial sewage will be produced, which contains a lot of bacteria. If the bacteria in the food industrial sewage are not eliminated, it will have an impact on the environment and destroy the ecosystem. The sewage produced by the food industry contains a large amount of impurities such as yeast and lactose, which can be reasonably recycled, and direct discharge is also a waste of resources. Uf membrane technology has a strong sterilization effect. If this technology is integrated into the process of food industry sewage treatment, it can improve the comprehensive capacity of my country's food industry sewage treatment, remove impurities and harmful substances in sewage, and also recover the recyclable lactose, starch and other substances contained in the food industry sewage. Through UF membrane technology, the efficiency of food industry sewage treatment can be greatly improved, the waste of resources can be reduced, and the utilization rate of resources can be improved, which is of great significance to the development of the food industry.

The application of UF membrane technology in the process of environmental engineering water treatment is of great significance, which helps to improve the efficiency of water treatment, improve the treatment quality, and reduce energy consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to attract the attention of relevant personnel, constantly improve and perfect this technology, and effectively play its role, so as to contribute to the development of environmental engineering and create a good living environment for people.

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