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The ceramic membrane technology can reduce cost and increase efficiency for starch sugar clarificati

I. Ceramic membrane technology can clarify starch sugar, reduce cost and increase efficiency

Starch sugar can be obtained by liquefying and saccharifying the starch of agricultural products such as corn, sweet potato and cassava, and it mainly contains glucose, maltose, fructose and some oligosaccharides. Since the 21st century, China's starch sugar industry has developed rapidly, but there are still shortcomings such as high production costs and low quality. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research on new production processes to improve quality while reducing costs, so that the starch sugar industry can further develop.

At present, there are two main production modes. One is to stand the saccharification solution and use a vacuum drum to process the upper layer of high-protein saccharification solution. This can save costs, but it will affect the quality of the saccharification solution. The other is to use a vacuum drum to filter and remove impurities from the enzyme-inactivated mixed saccharification solution. In order to ensure the quality of the saccharification solution, a large amount of diatomaceous earth needs to be consumed as a filter aid.

The starch sugar production process will produce protein and other solids due to the incomplete liquefaction process, which will still exist in the saccharification liquid at the end of saccharification, called starch syrup, which is a substance that needs to be removed in the subsequent process. In the original production filtration process, vacuum drum equipment is commonly used. This process is unstable for protein removal, and a large amount of filter aid needs to be added to increase the filtering effect.

II. The characteristics of using ceramic membrane to remove impurities and clarify the saccharification liquid

The ceramic membrane is used to remove impurities and clarify the saccharification liquid, which has the following characteristics:

1. The transmittance of the mixed clear liquid filtered by the ceramic membrane is 96%. Compared with the vacuum drum, the color value is reduced by 40%, the protein removal rate is increased by 20 to 30%, the flux stability of the clear liquid is good, and the product quality is stable. The yield is improved.

2. The membrane filtration clear liquid has a good effect on the removal of proteins and other impurities, reduces the pollution of the ion exchange resin in the subsequent process, and reduces the amount of cleaning agent in the resin regeneration process.

3. The ceramic membrane process does not need to add diatomaceous earth as a filter aid. While saving the cost of diatomaceous earth, it also saves the cost of residue treatment, which meets the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction.

4. To achieve continuous production, the ceramic membrane system is highly automated, easy to operate and maintain, and reduces labor costs.

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