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Zero discharge of iron phosphate wastewater
At present, the production process of iron phosphate mainly adopts the ammonium method  and  sodium  method,  and  each  ton  of  iron  phosphate  produces  50m3~70m3     of  production   wastewater. Iron phosphate wastewater has the characteristics of high TDS, low pH value, high COD,   high temperature, and high impurity ions (iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium). The traditional   process for treating iron phosphate wastewater has shortcomings such as poor pre-treatment  efficiency, severe membrane pollution, low product salt quality, unstable reused water quality, and   high  reagent  consumption.  The  industry  urgently  needs  to  develop  reliable  zero  discharge   technology for iron phosphate wastewater to ensure the stable operation of the iron phosphate   production process.

In response to the demand for zero discharge of wastewater from the production of iron  phosphate, JIUWU HI-TECH has independently developed sedimentation reaction coupled ceramic   membrane separation technology, deep deionization technology, membrane method acid water  reuse technology, and efficient membrane integrated concentration technology. It has achieved the   successful operation of the first domestic sedimentation  reaction coupled ceramic  membrane  separation zero discharge project for iron phosphate wastewater.

Technical advantages
Advanced preprocessing technology:
Can reduce metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese to 1ppm, while      effectively removing COD and reducing subsequent membrane system loads;
System operation and stable water quality:
The system is mature, resistant to water quality fluctuations, stable production water quality,
and conductivity of recycled water ≤ 10 μS/cm;
Saving medication costs:
Efficient reuse of over 80% of acidic washing water, saving a large amount of ammonia reagent
and sulfuric acid used for pH adjustment;
Savings in civil engineering investment:
The process flow is short, reducing the volume of the reaction tank and reducing the floor area.

Treatment of wastewater from fuel ethanol production
According to statistics, every ton of ethanol produced produces 20 tons of wastewater. Fuel   ethanol wastewater is an organic wastewater with high concentration, high temperature, high   suspended solids, and complex composition. The wastewater contains a large amount of volatile   acids with a pH value of 4-5. Directly discharging these wastewater can cause serious environmental   pollution. How to economically and efficiently treat fuel ethanol wastewater has always been one of   the important challenges that enterprises urgently need to solve.

Main process
Anaerobic Digestion + Two-Stage AO Biochemical Method + MBR + Dual Membrane System  Process + Advanced Oxidation + High-Pressure Reverse Osmosis.

Technical advantages
The process has strong impact resistance, impact load resistance, low investment, stable operation, low energy consumption, and can recover energy;
Adopting ozone oxidation, hydrolysis acidification, and internal circulation aeration technology in biofilters to ensure the up-to-standard discharge of wastewater;
It can achieve 70% to 100% wastewater reuse, used for cooling circulating water replenishment, boiler replenishment, and generating biogas for recycling.

     A 1500t/d fuel ethanol production wastewater deep treatment and water reuse project   for a certain enterprise in Hebei Province.

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