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What Are the Classifications of UF Membranes?

Uf membrane is an artificial permeable membrane, which is mainly composed of cellulose acetate and cellulose acetate polymer materials. According to the shape, it can be divided into many categories, and then multiple can be assembled together for large-area filtration. Regarding the understanding of UF membranes, some people are still in a state of ignorance, so how many types of ultrafiltration membranes are there?

1. How many types of ultrafiltration membranes are there?

1) Flat ultrafiltration membrane. Also known as plate ultrafilter, it is a structural form introduced earlier and has a variety of shapes, such as oval, square and polygon, etc. No matter what the shape is, the membrane used is flat membrane. It is not only easy to disassemble and wash, but also can be reused.

2) Hollow fiber UF membrane. The volume is large, but the floor area is relatively small, and all the components are easy to replace, so it has a good flow state. But there are also some shortcomings, such as when the UF membrane is damaged, it cannot be repaired, and only the components can be replaced.

3) Tubular UF membrane. It is widely used in industrial wastewater treatment and solution concentration. Because of the large flow channel area, there will be no blockage, and it is also very convenient for surface cleaning.

2. The role of UF membrane filter

In order to make the water cleanliness up to a certain standard and remove harmful chemical components and bacteria in cooked water or water quality, an UF membrane filter element is used. The UF membrane filter element is a water purifier filter element that can be used for one year. Manufactured by hollow fiber membrane, the filtration precision reaches 0.01 microns, and the interface is divided into three categories. Because of its very high precision, the water quality is relatively clear after filtration.

1) The filtering accuracy is high. Because the material used in the UF membrane filter element is hollow fiber membrane, the filling density is very high, which makes the water output relatively large, and the filtration pore size of 0.01 micron has a relatively high filtration accuracy, which can better ensure the safety of drinking water. At the same time, it has very good chemical stability and is resistant to acid and alkali.

2) Longer service life. The UF membrane filter element can achieve the effect of automatic sewage discharge, so that the water volume is stable and the water quality is clear. In addition, there is no need for any protective liquid during use, and it is also convenient for storage and transportation. The rare thing is that the service life is very long, and under normal circumstances, it will not affect the use effect if it is replaced within a year.

3) Good pressure bearing performance. The UF membrane filter element has a hollow fiber membrane with good impact resistance, and can withstand a maximum weight of 8Kg. In addition, because of the good hydrophilicity of the material, there will be no congestion.

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