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Non-Alcohol Beer And No Alcohol Wine

Wine Separation and Extraction System Ideal Choice for wineries And Beer

Product Overview

JS-WSU-M2   series  products   are   specially   designed   to  meet   the brewing   needs   of  wineries.   This   wine   separation   and  extraction system  is different  from the traditional  pot  distillation  and extraction method.   By  using   our  unique   wine  ceramic membrane technology,   the  wine  can  be perfectly  separated  into  brandy  and  alcohol-free  wine without  any waste liquid production,  increase production,  and significantly reduce energy  consumption,  and  the  brandy  extracted  by  this  system,  with thorough removal of impurities, pure taste and natural  fragrance.

Lower energy consumption, more compact footprint, better  process control,  no  waste  liquid  production   and  a  substantial   increase   in production   capacity  enable wineries  of  all  sizes  to  further  reduce operating  costs  while  maintaining   absolute  respect  for  the  quality characteristics  of brandy.

Cost saving and good economic  efficiency

Our JS-WSU-M2 series  products adopt  a new  extraction  process different  from  the  traditional  brandy  brewing  process,  which  makes the winery achieve lower energy consumption, better output and zero waste  liquid  production  while  ensuring  the  quality  of  brandy. The process characteristics  of this series of products  include:

Wine membrane technology

Wine Membrane  is a preferential  selective membrane  specially designed for wineries. Wineries can separate wines  into brandy  and alcohol-free wines  in reliable, repeatable and single process  steps. Wine Membrane products  have been proved to have good selective separation and solvent resistance. It  can ensure that the wine body is not polluted, and greatly increase the output.In addition: equipped with full automatic control, and a small footprint, is the ideal solution for extracting brandy  from wine.

Composition  of the membrane  module:
  • Membrane:  Special Composite Membrane Material
  • Pouring: Food grade epoxy resin
  • Sleeve: Food grade polypropylene  wrapping  net
  • Shell: Food grade 304 stainless steel
  • Sealing: Soft food grade epoxy resm

Process and Components of JS-WSU-M2 Series Products

JS-WSU-M2  Series Components:

  • Feeding system
  • Membrane  Separation System Vacuum system
  • Condensing system
  • Heating system
  • Electrical  appliances and control systems

Executive  standard

GB 4806.1 -2016  National  Food Safety Standard  General  Safety Requirements  for Food Contact Materials  and Products

GB 31604.1 -2015  National  Food Safety Standard  General Rules for Migration Tests of Food Contact Materials  and Products GB 4806.9 -2016 National  Food Safety Standard  Metal Materials  and Products for Food Contact

Operating  environment

Inlet pressure
0-5 bar
Raw material temperature
Vacuum pressure 4000-8000Pa
Condensation  temperature
-10 –15°C

3D Top View of  Wine Proiect 3D Main View of  Wine Project                                  3D Left View of  Wine Proiect

Processmg capacity
JS-WSU-M2-200 200kg/h
5 ton
7 ton
8 ton

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