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What Are The Requirements For Ceramic Membrane Operation?

What Are The Requirements For Ceramic Membrane Operation?

Ceramic membrane needs to be used and operated in normal operating procedures. The following conditions and chemicals of operation are absolutely not allowed, because it may destroy or damage tubular ceramic membrane:
  • Sharp variations in pressure;
  • Vigorous variations in temperature, △≤5℃/min;
  • Meet with strong acid and alkali with high concentration and temperature in a long time such as hydrofluoric acid, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid in combination with stainless steel housings, formic or acetic acid at high concentration and high temperature, silicates, acrylics, varnish, silicon soil, resins, wax;
  • Filtering high viscosity liquid or liquid containing large rigid solid granules;
  • Using pumps without a soft starter or frequency converter;
  • Strike or knock on purpose;

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