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Membrane technology in the chemical industry is applied to brine filtration, natural rubber, polysolicon cutting fluid recovery and lithium recovery from salt lake brines. It can be used in bio-production clarification, edible liquid salt purification, nanofiltration system sulfate removal, primary brine purification and so on. The advantage is that it is environmentally friendly and cost saving. In natural rubber processing, the use of ceramic membrane filtration consumes less quantities of acid and produces less harmful pollutants to the environment. During the process of polysolicon cutting fluid recovery, you only need to spend low operating costs but will receive fast return on investment by using ceramic membrane equipment technology. Besides, the high-precision anti-pollution ultrafiltration membrane is used to purify the brine water, which can remove all solid suspended matter in the brine. With contact equipment, the process is simple and requires no human intervention in the operation. The application of ceramic membrane will help you save costs but gain more profits!

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