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The Application of Ceramic be in Clarification of Fruit & Vegetable Juice

Due to the many advantages of natural beverages in terms of nutrition, taste, flavor, food hygiene and safety, they have become more and more popular. In particular, fruit juice drinks made by squeezing fruit juice are the most popular among consumers. Ceramic membrane separation technology has been widely used in the clarification of fruit juices (such as grape juice, apple juice, strawberry juice). The inorganic ceramic membrane is used for juice clarification to remove suspended solids and bacteria that cause juice deterioration, pectin and crude protein. Gelatinous sediments such as pectin protein and starch, as well as suspended solids such as tissue debris still existing after stirring and filtering of fruits and vegetables, are the main components that cause the turbidity of fruit juice beverages.

Compared with traditional methods, ceramic membrane technology can significantly reduce the turbidity of fruit juice beverages and the total number of bacteria. The obtained juice is of good quality and retains aromatic components and nutrients. Ceramic membrane has gradually shown its advantages in juice filtration. The operation process is simple and environmentally friendly.

Take apple juice as an example: the clarification of the juice in the concentrated apple juice production process is the key to determining the quality of the concentrated juice. The traditional process of clarifying the juice uses a combination of diatomaceous earth filter and micro-filter cardboard filtration. This method not only requires a lot of work, but also Due to the addition of diatomaceous earth, the juice loses its original aroma. At the same time, the quality of the filtered juice is also restricted by the limitation of the equipment.

The use of advanced membrane filtration machine to clarify juice is currently a more feasible process. Ceramic membranes are rapidly developed in clarified juices due to their unique characteristics such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, solvent resistance, and high temperature resistance. The use of ceramic membrane to clarify the juice is not only better than the traditional process in the turbidity and light transmittance of the clear juice, but also better than the traditional process in terms of workload and continuity of production. It also has the following characteristics:

  • The ceramic membrane filtration device is not sensitive to temperature, and the juice from 0-100℃ can directly enter the ceramic membrane for filtration;

  • No phase change occurs, so the loss of volatile components such as aromatic substances is less, and the original aroma can be maintained. Compared with the separation method with phase change and other separation methods, the energy consumption is low;

  • Carried out in a closed system, the separated food has no pigment decomposition and browning reaction;

  • Without chemical reagents and additives, the product is not contaminated;

  • The treatment scale can be large or small, continuous or intermittent, and the membrane modules can be used alone or in combination. The process is simple, the operation is simple, and it is easy to realize automatic operation.

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Jiuwu Hi-Tech has been committed to the development and ceramic membrane applications for 20 years. The process package can be customized according to the specific requirements of fruit and vegetable juice processing, and the entire fruit and vegetable juice clarification system is comprehensively analyzed and rationally designed, so that the fruit and vegetable juice clarification system is designed, manufactured, and produced. The process links are effectively controlled to realize the combination of the economic performance and technical advantages of the entire process package, so as to provide customers with both professional and complete process package design. Ceramic membranes have been successfully applied in many fields. Specializing in R&D, skilled in technology, the listed company Jiuwu in the field of ceramic membranes look forward to your attention!

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