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Ceramic Membrane Element

As a core technology, JIUWU has become the largest ceramic membrane element producer and a world leader in cross-flow filtration. JIUWU ceramic membrane element is tubular composite membranes on an open porous carrier tube made of high purity α-alumina oxide (AL2O3) and titanium oxide (TiO2). The ceramic membrane element is optimized for maximum water permeability and high mechanical stability.

JIUWU ceramic membrane element has an asymmetrical structure consisting of three layers, which are filtering layer, an intermediate layer, and the support layer. The pressure drop of such asymmetrical structure is lower than that of the symmetrical structure of another membrane, which means that the ceramic membrane element has a better recovery. 

JIUWU ceramic membrane element adopts dynamic cross-flow filtration mode which is completely different from dead-end filtration and filter-cake filtration. 

The feed flows into the membrane channel at a cross flow velocity. Under a certain pressure (Trans-Membrane Pressure), small molecular substances or clean liquids pass through the membrane layer vertically to permeation, macro molecular substances or solids are trapped by the membrane, thereby achieving the purpose of clarification, concentration and purification. Cross-flow filtration mode can achieve stable fluxes.

JIUWU ceramic membrane element is an ideal choice for high value-added products and demanding selective separations from solid-liquid fluid streams. The compact multi-channel geometry and high permeability are optimized for bulk processing applications.

JIUWU ceramic membrane element has a wide range of application-specific of geometries with pore size from 2nm to 1200nm, making it ideal for micro filtration ultra filtration, nanofiltration.

JIUWU ceramic membrane element is available in sizes ranging from small laboratory devices through individual modules of 0.1 square meters surface area, ensuring the ability to evaluate and scale up processes to any size.

The types of ceramic membrane element are composed of the code and the Arabic numerals by the follow rules.

ceramic membrane element

Example: CMF19040-50nm-1200mm

JIUWU stamps a label on every ceramic membrane element. They include:
B. trade mark
C. production date

JIUWU ceramic membrane element is packed in wooden or paper casings for dispatch and fixed firmly by means of applying shock absorption materials in the casing.

JIUWU ceramic membrane element must be treated with great care during transportation, to avoid impact, knock and press and should be kept protected from dampness and extreme temperature.

In any case membrane element have to be absolutely dry.
Not to be thrown down.

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