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Jiuwu High-tech & Nanjing Titanium: The Industrialization Project of Titanium Gypsum Constructio

Ⅰ. Titanium gypsum building gypsum industrialization project was officially signed

On March 14, 2021, Jiangsu Jiuwu Hi-tech Co., LTD. and Nanjing titanium dioxide Chemical Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of titanium gypsum resource utilization project in Jinlongdian agricultural science and technology ecological park. Dang Jianbing chairman and Fan Keyin general manager of Jiuwu Hi-tech, Peng Anzheng chairman and Yin Hong general manager of Nanjing titanium dioxide attended the signing ceremony.

The two sides reached in-depth cooperation on building Chinese first high value-added resource utilization demonstration project of titanium gypsum in Nanjing titanium white Chemical Co., Ltd.. In the future, the two sides will continue to actively maintain comprehensive cooperation in the field of titanium gypsum, promote the rapid development of various businesses, realize resource sharing and complementary advantages, and work together to create a model of high value-added resource utilization of titanium gypsum.

At the signing ceremony, the two sides talked freely about the opportunity of this cooperation and the grand blueprint for the future. Chairman of Dang Jianbing said that the research and development collaboration between Jiuwu Hi-tech and Nanjing titanium dioxide began in the 1990s. At that time, Jiuwu Hi-tech’s research and development team had formed an indissoluble bond with Nanjing titanium. The two research and development cooperation six years ago, Nanjing titanium dioxide gave Jiuwu great help in the research and development of technology of acid wastewater purification technology, ceramic membrane recovery titanium dioxide technology and post-treatment water membrane treatment and reuse technology, which contributed to the achievements of Jiuwu Hi-tech in the titanium dioxide industry today. This kindness has been kept in mind for a long time. Therefore, after Jiuwu Hi-tech successfully developed the resource utilization technology of MCM titanium gypsum, we hope to do our best to help Nanjing titanium dioxide solve the problem of titanium gypsum stacking and landfill, and establish the benchmark image of Nanjing titanium dioxide in the titanium dioxide industry.

Peng Anzheng, chairman of Nanjing titanium white, said that the resource utilization of titanium gypsum is a common problem that puzzles the whole titanium white industry to turn to green development. He praised Jiuwu Hi-tech’s contribution in the field of titanium white. Nanjing titanium white is willing to become a pioneer of “waste free enterprise” in the industry and build the high value-added resource utilization project of titanium gypsum of Nanjing titanium white into an industry model. It is hoped that both parties can speed up the construction progress, implement the members of the project construction team, improve the project follow-up system, and complete the project construction quickly and effectively. At the same time, to dig the added value of titanium gypsum products, we should not only do a good job in building gypsum, but also develop high-strength gypsum products and extend the industrial chain of titanium gypsum products.

Fan Keyin, general manager of Jiuwu Hi-tech, said that Jiuwu will strictly plan the project plan and progress, speed up the establishment of the project construction team, improve the follow-up system, and work together to build a national demonstration project for the resource utilization of titanium gypsum in Nanjing titanium dioxide and establish an industry benchmark image. After the meeting, under the guidance of Peng Anzheng, chairman of Nanjing titanium dioxide, participants from both sides visited Jinlongdian agricultural science and technology ecological park, experienced modern planting technology and the fun of picking. Friendship sows seeds, and technology breeds fruits. Through this activity, Jiuwu Hi-tech and Nanjing titanium white have forged a deep friendship and will certainly bear full fruits in their respective industries in the future.

Ⅱ. Background introduction of Jiuwu MCM titanium gypsum project

Jiuwu MCM titanium gypsum resource utilization technology is a new low-cost solid waste resource utilization technology, it is divided into three parts: membrane integration technology, neutralization long crystal technology and dehydration technology. Membrane integration technology is mainly used to remove impurities in acidic wastewater and improve the grade of by-product gypsum. The neutralization long crystal process mainly uses the action mechanism of long crystal agent to make titanium gypsum grow into coarse block gypsum crystal form during neutralization reaction. The dehydration technology can make full use of the existing (centrifuge, board and frame) dehydration equipment in the titanium dioxide industry to complete the dehydration of gypsum and obtain low moisture content, so as to improve the economy of later gypsum transportation and calcination to prepare building gypsum powder by calcination.

Through this technology, the following problems of resource utilization of titanium gypsum have been fundamentally solved.

1. The problems of low grade, large impurity content and chromatic aberration of traditional titanium gypsum are solved. The grade of titanium gypsum is increased from 65% - 80% to more than 90%, and the whiteness is increased from about 20 to more than 80;

2. The problem of small particle size and high free water content of traditional titanium gypsum crystal is solved. The particle size distribution of titanium gypsum crystal is changed from 5μm-20μM to 60μm-100μm. The content of free water increased from 40% - 60% to 8% - 15%;

3. It solves the problem that the traditional titanium gypsum can only be used as a small amount of cement additive and can’t be deeply processed into products with market competitiveness. MCM titanium gypsum can be calcined into β Building gypsum (product index conforms to GB T 9776-2008, 2h flexural strength ≥ 3.0MPa), processed into high added value α high strength gypsum (product index is better than JCT 2038-2010, 2h bending resistance ≥ 6.0MPa), and can also be processed into other high standard plaster of paris products, broadening and extending the upstream and downstream industrial chain of titanium gypsum.

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