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Industrial Waste Gypsum Resource Utilization

Industrial by-product gypsum is a waste produced in the process of industrial production. The  main component is CaSO4 ·2H2O.How to  use  high value-added and  resource  utilization is the   primary problem that restricts the sustainable development of various industries. Jiuwu HI-TECH   has  a  mature  membrane  integration  technology,  gypsum  crystal  promoter  and  other  core   technologies. At the same time, Jiuwu HI-TECH developed a combination of process equipment   combined with "pre -processing + high value-added resource" to produce a variety of industrial   gypsum. We can produce different varieties of industrial gypsum, such as high strength gypsum,  β-series building gypsum, anhydrite(Ⅱ), etc. Among them, the "JIUWU MCM Titanium Gypsum  Resource Use Technology " passed the industry identification and was evaluated to position the   "International Advanced  Level"  and  "Nanjing  Innovation  Products",  and  was  included  in  the   "National   Industrial   Resources  Comprehensive  Use  Advanced  Applicable  Craft  Technology   Equipment Catalog (2021 Edition) ", the first pioneer in China.

       Traditional red gypsum                                 JIUWU MCM Titanium Gypsum


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