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Membrane Technology in Water and Wastewater Treatment

1. Introduction

Membrane technology is a liquor separation technology with features of high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation, which can fulfill the recyclable use and the sharpest retrieve of the wastewater. Membrane technology, as a very important wastewater treatment technology developed rapidly in the 1960s, leverages the specially-made protective membrane with permselectivity to sharply separate some mixture with help of the external force. It has been widely applied to wastewater treatment so that it is an essential technology in modern enterprise wastewater treatment.

2.  Membrane technology application in wastewater of textile printing and dyeing field

Treatment concept: separate the clean and turbid flows, and vary the treatment according to the quality; combine the processes to enhance the benefit and avoid the drawbacks; recycle the resources to transform the demerits into advantages.

Advantages of the membrane separation technology:

  • The membrane separation equipment is characterized by simple structure, high reliability, easy operation, high continuation and automation, and less need of maintainers;
  • to scale up the existing membrane separation equipment wouldn't be limited by the shape and size of equipment;
  • Membrane separation equipment possesses small volume, thus occupying less space, and it can be directly added in the existing production process steps, and there is no need to change the production line sharply.
  • Membrane separation reduces COD by separating the polyvinyl alcohol, dye, lanolin, and oiling agents from wastewater, which helps recover the chemical engineering raw materials at the same time;
  • The water after treatment can be used again so that it can save a large quantity of water for enterprises.

3.  Membrane technology application in the lanfill leachate

Landfill leachate, also known as leachate, is an inevitable secondary pollutant in landfills, mainly from precipitation, water contained in garbage, and organic wastewater generated by anaerobic decomposition of microorganisms. Landfill leachate is high-concentration organic wastewater. If it is discharged directly without treatment or is not up to the standard, it will cause serious pollution to the surrounding groundwater, surface water and soil.

At present, the methods of landfill leachate treatment are: biological method and physical chemical method, in which biological method has low processing cost, but its processing efficiency is poor; physical chemical method has high processing efficiency, but its cost is high. Compared with traditional water treatment methods, membrane technology has the advantages of efficient removal of pollutants, resource recovery, simple and easy operation of the device, and good stability. Membrane technology has also been highly valued in the treatment of leachate.

According to the characteristics of landfill leachate, combined with customer needs and treatment requirements, Jiuwu High-tech combines biological methods and membrane technology to improve reaction efficiency, increase sludge concentration (8-10 times), stable effluent water quality, 100% biological bacteria separation of the body, no suspended matter, COD of the influent water from 2000-10000mg/L to below 400mg/L.

4. Summary

Membrane technology is regarded as a water treatment technology in the 21st century and has broad application prospects in the water field. Compared with the traditional process, the membrane technology occupies less area and the operation is very simple. With the continuous improvement of preparation technology and the innovation, its application in wastewater treatment will become more and more extensive.

Therefore, in the future exploration, membrane technology is worthy of in-depth research, and has great application prospects for new water treatment technologies. Membrane technology will greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise water purification.

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