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Application of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology in Industrial Green Productions

The rapid development of industrialization is beneficial to the improvement of national strength, but it also leads to serious environmental pollution. Especially industrial wastewater has a serious impact on the surrounding rivers and water sources, which greatly affects people's normal life. It is of great significance to do a good job in the reuse and zero discharge of industrial wastewater, implement green economic development, and achieve green production of enterprises. Industrial production plays a leading and driving role in the development of the national economy. The development prospects of the industrial wastewater treatment industry are closely related to the development of industry.

RO membrane technology for industrial wastewater

Compared with domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater is very harmful to the natural environment and people's living environment, mainly manifested in: industrial wastewater flowing into rivers and lakes can pollute surface water and surrounding ecological environment, and industrial wastewater infiltrating into groundwater will pollute groundwater. If people use contaminated surface water or groundwater in their daily lives, it will endanger their health. When industrial wastewater infiltrates deep into the soil, it will cause soil pollution. In addition, harmful substances in industrial wastewater will remain in plants and animal bodies, thus entering human body through the food chain and posing a threat to human health. Therefore, it is very necessary to properly treat industrial wastewater.

The use of ro membrane technology

Traditional pretreatment methods for industrial wastewater, such as physical, chemical, physicochemical, and biological methods, have problems such as complex process, high treatment cost, difficult operation and control. Membrane separation technology itself was born under the situation that traditional methods were forced to upgrade, that is, traditional separation methods have high energy consumption, low efficiency, and complicated operation process, which leads to the emergence of membrane separation technology. Reverse osmosis membrane technology itself has a long development history, and its huge economic benefits make it a high-value technology.

RO membrane is a kind of membrane that selectively separates substances and liquids based on pressure difference. It is made of nano-scale separation materials and can intercept all ions. After treatment with reverse osmosis membrane technology, ions and most organic substances cannot form a concentrated solution through the membrane, while water molecules passing through the membrane can become dialysate for recycling. For substances that are difficult to recover and cannot be regenerated, anti-pollution ro membranes can also filter out harmful substances, and the treated wastewater can meet discharge standards. For heavily polluted wastewater, the use of reverse osmosis membrane wastewater treatment equipment can greatly reduce treatment capacity and treatment cost, thus achieving the purpose of low-cost emission reduction.

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