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Pre&Post Treatment Technology

Pre-treatment and post-treatment should be considered when offering a total solution for integrating membrane technology.

Pre-treatment has mechanical treatment, chemical treatment and biological treatment. Pre-treatment includes sand filtration filter, activated carbon and resin, Fenton, chemical agents, oxidation.

Post-treatment has fine separation, deep purification and solid-waste treatment. Post-treatment includes electrodialysis, MVR, ultra-high pressure RO and bipolar membrane.

Integrated membrane technology is composed of ceramic ultrafiltration membrane and ceramic microfiltration membrane and organic membrane (ultrafiltration membrane , nanofiltration and reverse osmosis).

Sand filtration filter is also called another name shallow medium filter which can purify the impurities of water body through filter material. The sand filtration filter are mainly used for A.raw water treatment such as metallurgy, power generation, paper-making, chemicals, beverages B. impurities removal and decolorization of surface water and groundwater.

Electrolysis has the following applications

  • Direct production of acids and bases from organic and inorganic acid salts:
  • For example, preparing hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide from a sodium chloride solution;
  • Treatment and recycling of salty wastewater
  • Demineralize the inorganic salts in the organic matter to purify the organic matter and transform the old chemical production process to eliminate environmental pollution;
  • Recovery of waste acid and waste alkali;
  • Production of high-purity water for power plant boilers and ultrapure water for semiconductor industry;
  • Industrial wastewater treatment and recycling application;
  • Metal ion separation, isotope separation, and radioactive wastewater treatment.

MVR(mechanical vapor recompression)uses the secondary steam generated by the evaporation system and its energy to upgrade the low-grade steam to the high-grade steam heat source through mechanical work of the compressor. 

MVR is an energy-saving technology that recycles heat to the evaporation system, thereby reducing the need for external energy.

Ultra high-pressure RO is mainly applied in treatment of concentrated waste water referring to mining &hydro metallurgy, chemical & petrochemical, oil & gas and power generation. 

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