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The 19th IE Expo China

On May 3rd, 2018, Asia's most influential and highest quality environmental technology exchange event, the 19th IE Expo China 2018 attracted nearly 1,800 well-known environmental protection companies all over the world. The exhibition area is 128,000 square meters. It is a top exhibition of environmental pollution treatment, solid waste disposal, resource recycling, sewage treatment and etc.

In recent years, Jiuwu company has created technological innovation and created itself in the field of environmental protection.

Jiuwu company has its own nationwide customer, provides membrane integration technology for customers.

In this exhibition, Jiuwu company brought the treatment technology of papermaking wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, oil-water separation, chemical wastewater, oil field wastewater, black odor river treatment and so on.

Dr. Zhang Huiqin from Jiuwu company had done the report of the "zero liquid discharge" project industry.

Jiuwu company has always focused on the application of membrane separation integration technology and is engaged in a great environmental protection.
The 19th IE Expo China

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