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Application of Inorganic Ceramic Membrane in Wine Making

It is not known that when wine has become synonymous with elegance, romance and health. Due to the variety, soil, brewing technology, climate and other factors, the wine produced in each region has its own unique flavor, which brings different vision, smell and taste to everyone. It can be said that wine is the perfect combination of nature and time. It is worth everyone who drinks to taste it slowly.

The wine making process is very complicated, in which several clarification processes are needed to stabilize the wine quality. Traditional separation methods include decantation, clarification, cold treatment and filtration. Through the decantation process, the suspension colloid particles in wine, such as grape, yeast, protein, polypeptide, pectin, gum, unstable grape pigment, tannin and others, can be removed, so as to increase the taste and clarity.

Membrane separation method

Refining and clarification is used in many stages of wine production, including the removal of phenols from juice, the reduction of protein in wine after fermentation and the reduction of bitterness of new wine before bottling. In the past, the better separation method was to use a small amount of refined clarifier to adsorb particles or neutralize charged particles and make them flocculate and settle. In this way, clear wine juice was obtained. Cold treatment can make crystal deposition of potassium hydrogen tartrate and calcium tartrate. The traditional filtration steps include primary filtration, fine filtration and organic membrane separation of bacteria.

With the development of ceramic membrane technology, ceramic membrane microfiltration and ultrafiltration technology can be used instead of clarification, sterilization and stable treatment of raw wine, so that the wine making process becomes simple and economical and can maintain the mellow flavor of the wine.

After years of research, Jiangsu Jiuwu Hi-tech Co., LTD has developed a new technology of ceramic membrane for wine sterilization and clarification.

Technical characteristics:

It can completely remove all kinds of microorganisms, yeast, pectin, suspended particles and other microorganisms that affect the quality of wine
▲ the easily damaged mellow substances in the product will not be damaged, which can realize the direct canning of alcohol
▲ obtain wine products with bright color, long shelf life and high quality
▲ making the wine making process hygienic, simple and economical

High separation efficiency and stable filtering effect

▲ the ceramic membrane is resistant to acid, alkali, organic solvent and oxidant, with good regeneration performance and long service life

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