The Second Nanjing Brine Forum of JIUWU HI-TECH Ended Successfully

  • JIUWU HI-TECH held the second brine forum from November 28 to 30 as scheduled when the red maple in Nanjing is in full bloom in November, which gave the opportunity to focus on brine and participate in the grand meeting together. The meeting was held at the right time. Representatives of chlor alkali enterprises gathered at a grand meeting to summarize and exchange the technical progress in brine refining in recent years, and discussed new application technologies to jointly promote the development of brine refining technology in China. This forum is sponsored by JIUWU HI-TECH, CO sponsored by Shanghai Tiansan, Guangzhou Sinpurely, Jiangsu Yimai technology, Xi'an Pump &Valve Plant Co., Ltd, Spainish TTV-JC group, etc.

    The Second Nanjing Brine Forum of JIUWU HI-TECH

    On November 28, the forum officially opened. Dang Jianbing, chairman of JIUWU HI-TECH, attended the forum and delivered an opening speech. Dang Jianbing said that the chlor alkali industry had a fine tradition of open exchange and experience sharing, which was directly reflected in the gathering of enterprise representatives at Nanjing brine forum, and JIUWU HI-TECH is also a practitioner of this spirit. JIUWU HI-TECH adheres to the value of "customer is the first service object", promotes industry communication by hosting this forum, listens to the voice of customers, in order to be closer to technological innovation demanded and more timely and effective customer service, and contributes to the development of chlor alkali industry. Then, Gao Xudong, director of chlor alkali center of Jinxi Research Institute of Chemical Industry delivered a speech for the forum. Gao Xudong said: the brine forum held by JIUWU HI-TECH has created a good foundation for the continuous and steady development of brine refining technology in chlor alkali industry, created a good communication platform for all chlor alkali people, and has done a "great good thing" in the industry.

    The Second Nanjing Brine Forum of JIUWU HI-TECH

    In the next two days, Zhang Siqi, deputy chief engineer of WUHU RONGHUI CHEMECAL CO., LTD, Dong Junjie, deputy general manager of SHANDONG HAOBANG CHEMECAL CO., LTD, Chen Liuping, chief engineer of Kintan Salt were the executive chairman of the general assembly respectively. The three themes of brine quality control and waste salt recycling, brine supporting equipment technology and inorganic membrane brine refining technology were made wonderful special reports and thematic discussions and exchanges by the experts organized by them. During this period, all participants listened carefully, discussed attentively, spoke freely and shared selflessly, not only in face-to-face communication during the forum discussion, but also in real-time speaking and answering questions in wechat group.

    The Second Nanjing Brine Forum of JIUWU HI-TECH

    On the afternoon of November 29, representatives of the conference visited JIUWU HI-TECH. In the JIUWU HI-TECH brand experience hall, the representatives followed the steps of the commentators to feel the development process and technical achievements of JIUWU HI-TECH; in the JIUWU HI-TECH technology research and development base, the representatives had a deep understanding of the research and development ability and innovation mechanism of JIUWU HI-TECH; In JIUWU HI-TECH complete equipment production workshop, representatives gathered in front of inorganic membrane brine filter to inquire about the process and equipment parameters in detail. Some of the representatives even did not return to the conference hotel with their after the investigation, and started to carry out specific project exchanges with technical personnel of JIUWU HI-TECH on the spot. After the heated forum exchange, the representatives of the conference investigated the traditional folk customs of Nanjing Confucius Temple and experienced the ancient Jinling culture with great interest. So far, the second Nanjing saltwater forum ended successfully.

    The Second Nanjing Brine Forum of JIUWU HI-TECH

    More than 200 chlor alkali industry experts and enterprise representatives attended the brine forum, presenting 12 special reports and 3 thematic discussions. The participants talked about the technical progress and exchange of industry experience, and contributed to the goal that China's brine refining technology continues to lead the world!

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