The 32nd German International Exhibition

  • On June 11th, 2018, the 32nd German International Exhibition on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology (hereinafter referred to as “ACHEMA Exhibition”) was open at the Frankfurt Messe Exhibition Center. ACHEMA Exhibition was held every three years and the top affects of the world process industry.

    Nearly 4,000 exhibitors from five continents participated in the exhibition. The chairman of Jiuwu company, Mr. Dang Jianbing led the exhibition.

    In this exhibition, Jiuwu company displayed a variety of ceramic membrane products and equipment, and promoted the “membrane integration technology”.

    Jiuwu company's advanced and mature process technology and rich industry application success stories attracted the customers from the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey, India, Malaysia, etc more than 100 batches.

    Jiuwu company has extensive exchanges on the company's brand, product technology, and application programs, and known more new customers.

    In recent years, with economic globalization, more and more Chinese companies have entered the worldwide, and Jiuwu company is expanding the market. At the same time as the internal market, it is also constantly exploring overseas markets. After years of development, Jiuwu company has successively done projects in 40 countries and regions around the world. Jiuwu company also provide professional technical support and after-sales service. In the future, the company will be close to the needs of customers in the international market and seize the opportunity.

    German International Exhibition

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