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Healthy Membrane Method, Seasoning Life

Far from home,

Shuttle through the prosperity of the city,

Tens of thousands of lights.

There is a kind of taste but we often miss.

That's taste of mother.

There is a taste of patriotism and homesickness.

That is the "Lao GanMa" that sells abroad.

There is a taste that requires mutual achievement.

Just like dumplings with a little vinegar;

The five senses feel the wind, rain and thunder.

And life is added with color and flavor.

Condiments are absolutely indispensable.

Condiments and Life

Condiments are close to life and serve the people, while life has been changing condiments. According to statistics, the annual turnover of condiments in the world is as high as 240 billion US dollars, accounting for about 12% of the total food industry, which is a typical "small products, large markets". According to the estimates of the condiment association, soy sauce is consumed by 5.8 kg per capita and vinegar is consumed by 1.9 kg per capita in China. China's condiment industry has a history of more than 5000 years. However, due to the long feudal society of China's constraints on productivity, the condiment industry has been in the ancient stage of natural fermentation. The backward production mode has seriously hampered the development of condiment industry in China. The real development and prosperity of condiment industry was after the reform and opening-up. In 1984, the State Council issued the Report on Developing Commercial Industry Vigorously, which was the beginning of the transition from history to modern times of condiment industry in China. Gradually, new condiments will emerge with the improvement of market demand and quality of life, such as "zero-added" soy sauce, organic soy sauce, raw soy sauce, apple vinegar, health vinegar and so on.

Membrane Technology and Life

Membrane is a kind of material with selective separation function, which exists widely in organisms. Human beings have known, utilized and simulated it up to now, and the history of artificial synthesis is long and tortuous. Membrane technology emerged in the early 20th century and rose rapidly after the 1960s, especially in the engineering application of membrane separation technology in seawater desalination. At present, membrane technology is gradually applied in food industry, environmental engineering, biochemical industry, high temperature gas dust removal, gas purification in the electronic industry and other fields, and it is related closely to life. Membrane technology plays a strategic role in most production and life in the 21st century. It produces enormous economic and social benefits. It is a key common supporting technology for energy saving, emission reduction and green manufacturing.


Seasoning = life = membrane technology. Membrane technology makes life healthier, and life can not be without the flavor of condiments. From the point of view of equivalence transfer principle, membrane technology and condiments have a perfect collision because of human needs for a healthier life.

Membrane technology has been applied in soy sauce production in Japan in the 1980s. It mainly plays the roles of clarification, sterilization and separation of soy sauce. The application of ceramic membrane in condiment production in China started in the early 1980s, and industrialization dated back to 2004 at the earliest. At present, membrane technology is mainly used to clarify and sterilize brewing condiments (such as soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, etc.) to prevent secondary backmixing during shelf life. The alkali salts of condiments are mainly used in low salt soy sauce.

Jiangsu Jiuwu Hi-tech Co., LTD. has solved the key technologies of membrane flux and membrane regeneration from the aspects of membrane material development, process optimization and equipment development. It has greatly improved efficiency and reduced cost. At the same time, in view of the diversification of condiment demand and the increasing material and cultural needs of people, Jiangsu Jiuwu Hi-tech Co., LTD. has successfully opened its application in the field of condiments. membrane technology has been widely used in the following enterprises, Yutu of Shandong, Weichunyuan, LEE KUM KEE, Jiajia group, Hengshun group, Shuita, and Qianhe food.

Advantage of Membrane Technology

The traditional separation methods include centrifugation, diatomite and paperboard filtration. The disadvantages of these methods are incomplete treatment, unsatisfactory clarification effect, incomplete sterilization and short shelf life, which directly affects the quality and shelf life of products. It is easy to produce secondary backmixing. At the same time, diatomite filter covers a large area and has a low degree of automation. The discharge and pollution of diatomite are also huge problems faced by enterprises. The traditional removal of microorganisms requires steam heating method. Although this method is simple and feasible, it consumes more energy. When the sterilization temperature is high, the equipment is easy to scale, and the color and flavor of soy sauce and vinegar are also affected. When the temperature is too low, the sterilization is not complete. If there are a large number of microbial debris, it is easy to produce backmixing phenomenon, and it is difficult to maintain the original transparency and clarity.

The application of membrane separation technology in the production of traditional condiments in our country can simplify the traditional processing technology, avoid the heat process in the processing, retain the color, aroma, taste and various nutrients of condiments more completely, reduce and solve the emission of pollutants. It realizes the comprehensive utilization and recovery of active ingredients. At the same time, it can not only remove harmful substances and microorganisms, but also prevent the re-production of sediments. At the same time, it can compare the filtration effect of ceramic membrane and diatomite, cross-flow filtration can increase the transparency of material liquid. There is no precipitation in centrifugation. Diatomite is not effective. Enterprises that produce 20,000 tons of high-salt and dilute soy sauce annually calculate, compared with diatomite filtration, the use of inorganic ceramic membrane equipment can increase the income of enterprises by about 4 million yuan. At the same time, the application of membrane technology also improves the quality of products, which is conducive to brand promotion and quality increase.

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