Fitness Red May Event

  • In May 2018, Jiuwu company has organized the annual Fitness Red May event.The traditional competitions are tug-of-war competitions and mountain climbing activities, and there are other fun sports competitions.

    The tug-of-war competition was a traditional event of the fitness red May event, and the participation enthusiasm of the teams and the fierce competition on the spot all set a new record. In the end, the production team consisting of the ceramic membrane manufacturing department and the business team composed of the marketing department and various business departments won the champions of the tug-of-war competitions A and B respectively.

    Mountaineering activities are at the scenic Zijin Mountain. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the event officially started. Nearly 30 players set off from Baima Park and climbed along the hiking trail. After more than an hour of climbing, all the team members arrived at the top of the mountain. Along the way, the players not only experienced the charm of outdoor sports but also experienced the beautiful scenery of nature.

    The fun sports competition is a new event of this year's fitness red May event. The game is full of fun and competitive, including three competitions: “Invincible Hot Wheel”, "Giant Footsteps" and "Fingerboard Hula Hoop".

    The one-month fitness red May event has come to a successful conclusion. This event adheres to the main tone of friendship first and competition second, enriching the cultural life of employees, inspiring team spirit and enhancing the company's cohesiveness. The spirit of the team's fearlessness, courage, unity and perseverance in the activities is the embodiment of Jiuwu's struggle spirit and team spirit. I believe this spirit will be transformed into “embracing change and welcoming the future”. Powerful spirit!

    Fitness Red May Event

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